Black Eyed Pilseung once again produced a national sensation ASAP at the level of Cheer Up and TT. A song that you can find yourself humming on even in the future. They would need to produce something else that will not pass as a b-side track. 

I’m not worried because they’ve made countless hits in the past, but they need to stop making songs like Stereotype that was so hard to sing along because it was so weird. 
No matter how much the public listens to StayC, if you make a wrong song, they’re just singing up for charting out. 
I hope they don’t forget that there are countless artists out there who have only one hit song. 
2. Hair and makeup needs to be fixed.
Black Eyes Pilseung said “I gave this kind of hairstyle to the rookie group that will be debuting soon to attract people’s interest” but it’s not right. StayC isn’t a group that came out to attract people’s “interest” rather, through their amazing visuals, they are able to drag people’s “attention”. 
Okay, in ASAP, Seeun’s double-breasted hair was fine. In fact, you can argue it’s a tactic for the group to get known for this hairstyle since a lot of people in communities discussed it. 
But after ASAP’s hit, they just went crazy. They went for those crazy hairdos after such a hit like ASAP. And now it’s giving them bad synergy due to a bad style with a poor quality song. I hit my head after believing in StayC’s domestic fans for purchasing close to 100K copies. But in the end, after the promotions, their interest almost all disappeared, a huge chunk of the fandom left. 
Yoon’s 3 layers hair was especially bad. Yoon’s strengths of superior height and extravagant facial features were ruined with that three layers of hair. It’s like ruining a pretty Barbie doll’s face with crayons. The group’s popularity naturally declines when you ruin kids like that.. Unlike the previous comeback, the color of the rest of the members, like Isa and J, didn’t suit them. They looked like ajumma idols who debuted 9 years ago. I’m not asking them to get the best style out there, but to get something more natural, like wavy black hair, soft hair, something that suits them. 
I don’t want hairstyles and makeup that attract interest, rather attention. 
3. They need I-roaches (international fans). 
In fact, this is the main reason for the current sluggishness of StayC.
First, let’s look at the two examples
Aespa, which is currently on the road to success, and won a daesang even in their first year their debut at MMA. A group that belongs to SM. 
SM tends to focus more on the overseas market than the domestic market due to the characteristics of the company. Having followed the entertainment industry’s progress for years, I know that this recipe will lead to success. As a result, Aespa, an SM group that prioritizes overseas expansion, has gathered countless foreign fans within six months into their debut. And just at the right timing, by releasing a highly addictive song “Next Level”, it took over the domestic country as well. Abroad as well. However, some people argued that this could only be a digital single, and that it doesn’t mean that foreigners knew about Aespa, so they started dragging them. Next Level was already sweeping overseas, and 4 months later, they entered the “next stage of a hit song” phase.
Aespa made a slightly inferior but just as addictive song called Savage, and this time they came back with a single album, so you can actually buy a physical copy of the album. you may ask how well did they do?
As everyone already know, they easily achieved 500K sales and became a force of the 4th generation. They’ve achieved queen status. They’ve already seized their opportunity in Korea with Next Level by doing an All-kill on charts, and now, the haters who’ve been bashing on Aespa have no more reason to doubt them. 
Did all these 500,000 copies come from Korea? Absolutely not.
As per SM policy, thanks to the group’s awareness abroad, they were able to form a strong and solid fandom there as well. There are especially a lot of Aespa fans in the US. Naturally, when Aespa returned with a single album, the fans wanted to set a new record for their favorite group, so they bought domestic albums, which are cheaper than if they purchased overseas, and the result was a record of 500,000 copies.
Another example is Starship’s “Ive”, who has made a debut this time and is continuously updating the debut record for a female idol.
Contrary to SM, Starship is an entertainment company that has no intention of going overseas. But with only 4 days into their debut, the group already sold 130,000 copies and continues to sell well. 
That is, of course, because there are “members who are gaining popularity abroad” among the group members. These would be Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin and Rei. Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung are already known as “annyeongs” […] Of course, Izone became popular overseas, setting a record of 300,000 copies as a new standard, and after promoting for about 3 years, they unfortunately disbanded this year. The fans both domestic and international were so taken aback by the disbandment that the aftereffects were really severe. All the members have gained individual fans. For instance, there are more than 50,000 individual fans of annyeongs in China. 
And all of a sudden, they heard that annyeongs will be back with another debut? And who do you think would push the redbut of annyeongs? The international fans of course.
And Rei.
Rei is Japanese. In Japan, the idol industry has gone bankrupt. That’s why they’re obsessed with Japanese idols in Korea like Twice and Niziu. And to think that the group who drew their attention Izone, with annyeongs, now has someone like Rei? This just pushes them to push Ive even more.. It’s similar to cheering for Son Heungmin, who is playing an active part in the British EPL from afar. […]
But what about StayC?
You may think that StayC already has a lot of i-roaches since they sold 130K? It’s not as simple. The answer is rather because they have pushed a bunch of video calls and fansigns, that the domestic fans bought a ton of albums. If you looked at K-town which is the place where international fans purchase their albums, their results are pretty disastrous with barely any international fans buying their albums. Of course, this is not to say that domestic fans are useless. However, as mentioned above, in order for StayC to hit big, we need to attract more international fans. Although all 6 members of StayC are Korean, if you look at other small agencies who are doing the same, their survival rate is barely 3 years. You cannot escape having I-roaches to help. 
Meanwhile, thanks to ASAP, they were able to gain more popularity overseas. However, the group itself needs more acknowledgement. They need to find an unique strategy to gain international fans. 
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1. [+273, -3]
They’re rookies yet they’re trying to gain attention with weird hair and makeup? F*ck they’ll receive 100x more attention for looking pretty 
2. [+251, -1]
With their new song, they need to get better hairstyle first and foremost. They need to take care of their domestic fandom first before grabbing those I-roaches. After that, they need to stop making songs that fall so flat as well. They need to give us a song that is hit-or-miss at first, but that has a distinctive killing part. And for girl groups, their music shows can give them the career buff they need, it’s vital to their survival. Seeing how they flopped with their Stereotype videos, Black Eyed Pilseung needs to tone it down with their hair. 
3. [+221, -2]
I’ll add something else. The StayC members need to stop that Bbongpil voice (T/n: put it simply, it’s like a trot-sounding voice, countrified, it’s hard to get a direct translation), or should I call it nasally voice? Anyways, whatever it is, it sounds like trot. Soomin is especially severe in this case. I feel like she’s the biggest wall to me being able to enjoy StayC’s songs.. And Black Eyed Pilseung’s songs aren’t that great. I liked Cheer Up and TT, but rather than the song, it was because Twice was able to pull it off so well… The lyrics were so so too.. At this rate, I would rather see what another producer aside from Black Eyed Pilseung will be able to do with them instead. They should try something luxurious that smells like capitalism. At first, I used to think that J looked luxurious with that short hair when her teaser got released and I really liked it but.. Please stop bleaching her hair and give her dark hair for once. This is their most important opportunity… They’re hardworking and pretty, so don’t ruin them for the sake of experimenting.. 
4. [+122, -180]
Fact: this is why songs like TT and Cheer Up will go to big companies, not to them 
5. [+107, -0]
I’m a StayC fan and to be honest, aside from a few points, I agree with everything mentioned above. They hit daebak with ASAP and the fans’ expectations rose so high, the fandom atmosphere felt great, but when Stereotype was released with that old sound, it ruined everyone’s mood. I still remember itㅋㅋ .. Everyone was so looking forward ha;; But maybe it’s because ASAP hit so big that Stereotype’s digital score just didn’t feel as good even though it wasn’t that bad at all. For their next comeback, please! Give them a pretty hair and makeup, and invest a bit more in their outfits too.. They’re always wearing similar outfits all the time and the fans hate it. It also doesn’t help them gain more fans. Black Eyed Pilseung also needs to only produce and outsource their lyrics;; The next comeback will be their most important one

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