It’s been a little over four months since I gave birth to twins and I’m raising them as a full-time housewife.
I wanted to raise a child the best I could thinking it would only be one child, but I never fathomed I would have twins.. Since two children were born at the same time, the work to be done is doubled and the cost is doubled. I was planning to return to work after giving birth, but I have no choice but to push it because there is no one to look after the twins and it is even worse financially to hire a babysitter. As with childcare, I am in a bad shape financially. My husband earns about 260 after taxes (t/n: around 22K USD), but there’s not much we can do with this. So, when I asked him if he could do some type of part time work, he told me ‘I’m already working 6 days a week and you want me to have no rest for even a single day?’ and screamed at me. 
So I said I’ll go out and earn money, so you take care of the infant care in that case, and he said once again that he won’t be able to do it. So I asked him ‘How are we going to raise our kids from now on?’. He told me that of course we should take care of them, when the twins are sleeping, I should go out and work at a convenience store part time. 
It’s not like kids will sleep all the way straight without getting up once… Do you think he makes any sense rationally? My husband thinks that I’m making excuses not to work. Meanwhile, he can’t even change diapers at homeㅎㅎ  I seriously don’t know what I can do anymore
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Even before giving birth, he’s making 260 and you guys still wanted to get pregnant? Even if you didn’t get twins, wasn’t it obvious to you that after giving birth, you won’t have much money left? So you’re telling me you didn’t calculate any of it and just gave birth? You didn’t plan for the future? Moreover you wanted to have a kid with this animal who only knows how to spit sh*t through his mouth?
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To be honest, I’m more fascinated that you even decided to get married.. 
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I’m telling you, you should be raising those kids by yourself. This is really what you can say to a mom of your own kids, who raised them in her stomach and gave birth to them? Does he think that a father should have free time when you have twins? The mom is already working hard 24/7 to take care of the twins, yet this f*cker is here spitting trash. This man doesn’t need kids. And you don’t need a husband. Just raise the kid by yourself. Just tell him “Me too I’d rather be outside and earn money” and leave him. I bet bast*rds like him just come home without moving a finger and brings nothing. It’s been 4 months and you must’ve had hard times, and he’s still asking you to go earn money on top of that? What a hannam bast*rd. I can only swear at him 
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I feel like you threw the punch first. Asking someone who works 6 days a week to work part-time during his day off?ㅋㅋㅋ Is your husband not human? That’s why your husband asked you to go work when your kids are sleeping. Both of you are asking unreasonable things from each other and you’re just hurting each other with your words
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If your husband already works 6 days a week and doesn’t make more money than that, I bet he’s working a job where they’re working him to death already. Asking someone who works 6 days a week to work on his only day off seriously shows that you attacked him first. Just like you said you got hurt because your husband asked you to work at a convenience store when your kids are sleeping, both of you need to give and take here. You were considering how well you could raise one kid, but you ended up having twins, and I feel like you became a mess because of that. I think you need to let all your pride aside and take all the opportunities. 

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