Bangtan’s V followed her and unfollowed

And this is the current state of her Insta

The foreign Bangtan fans are terrorizing her account

post response:
original post: here
1. [+728, -27]
Jennie was the one who received the damage when she was just staying still but the Bangtan fans are the ones making a mess now saying “don’t feed the trolls”
2. [+489, -35]
Did Jennie ever think of blocking her comments? Seriously, she’s so pitiful for being the receiving end of this terror
3. [+435, -7]
Anyone looking at this would think that it was Jennie who was in the wrong. Foreign fans have done this more than once. Seriously, why are they like that?
4. [+310, -1]
V was the one who followed her so why are they asking her to let go of him? Seriously, why are they like that?
5. [+224, -461]
You can tell right away that this post was written to get Armys hate. Don’t feed the trolls
6. [+220, -20]
It’s true that V pressed follow by accident but they are currently dragging Jennie on celebrity galleries. This post is also made to start fanwars so please don’t feed the trolls

“Is there a way to get rid of the recommendations on Insta?… this app is so scary”

7. [+206, -72]
Seriously, Armys are trash. They were the ones in the wrong but look at them getting mad instead

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