I’ll rank the A-list idols of the 3rd gen
Male idols
Winner – BTS

2nd rank EXO

3rd rank Seventeen
Female idols
Winner – Twice

2nd rank BLACKPINK

3rd rank Red Velvet

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1. [+198, -299]
If you think that Twice are the final winners of the 3rd gen, vote up/ BLACKPINK vote down
2. [+182, -32]
I think that everyone can acknowledge the male idols but opinions will be divided for female idols
3. [+127, -46]
The representative female idols of their generation all received Daesangs. 1st gen was Finkl, 2nd gen was SNSD and there are no other idols than Twice who received a Daesang in the 3rd gen. There are a lot of other types of Daesang but the fact that they won the Daesang at MAMA for 3 years in a row is legendary
4. [+69, -37]
No matter how you see it, it’s gotta be BP
5. [+66, -4]
Bang-Ex-Sev is right but the gap between Sev and Bang-Ex is too wide
6. [+66, -30]
Let’s tackle this down. I already said this before but they are the #1 female idols in terms of album sales, they are top 5 when including male idols. Not only that but there song maintained its #1 spot on the yearly chart which says everything
“5th Twice (2015 debut)
9,831,466 copies”

7. [+53, -13]

Twice’s impact with Cheer Up back in 2016 was too big. At that time, they grabbed the public’s attention and became the national girl group… To be honest, if I can only pick one team out of the 3rd gen, it would be Twice

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