[teen stories] PFIZER HALTS LAWSUIT & PUSH IT TO 2096

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Even the representative at Pfizer when asked whether he took the vaccine, he said no. And when asked why, he said “I’m healthy, so I don’t need it”. He must know it himself. They didn’t even conduct the most important clinical trial which is the double blind study, where you have neither the participants and researchers know which one is the real drug, which one is the placebo. The data is already fabricated because we don’t know what’s the effect of the placebo. They even removed the side effects even knowing it produces women’s abnormalities in hormones and they were even caught turning upside down the drugs labelling. Researchers sent it to the FDA calling Pfizer vaccine a fraud, but FDA instead decided to fire the researchers. Some researchers who learned about this also quit FDA. So can you still say that the results of this vaccine is safe? With the conservative and liberals and politics aside, this is a serious problem. This isn’t just political propaganda
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Some time ago, a 6th grader who took the Pfizer vaccine died from Leukemiaㅠㅠ
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Is Pfizer hiding something because they’re uncomfortable with it? 
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Me too I was planning to get vaccinated, but my friend got their first shot and died after 4 days of fever, I changed my mind. No matter how much disadvantages you get from not getting vaccinated, they’re just creating a situation where you’re incited to take the vaccine, I’m still not gonna come out of my house and I’m still not gonna get vaccinated. After seeing super healthy kids die from getting the vaccine, I changed my mind. You can say I’m selfish all you want, but if you see people around you dying from it, you can’t help but change your mind 
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Israel’s whereabouts after their 4th shot

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