At Gangwondo, Goseong-gun, K University

69 International students sexually assaulted 15 years old female student A last December. 
If anyone knows well about this incident, we are waiting for your information.

Meanwhile, on the 30th of last month, the Gangwon Police Station booked and investigated 69 students and graduates of a certain university in Gangwon-do as sex crime suspects. They are accused of having had sexual intercourse with A, a middle school student, over 100 times since December 2020. Most of the students’ nationalities are known to be Bangladesh and Nepal. Below is the full commentary. 
“On Tuesday morning, I saw shocking numbers in the press. 69:1. It’s a ratio in which, have you been in a fight, you would’ve never stood a chance to win. But imagine this number being the number of perpetrators versus victims of a sex crime? Is there any woman out there who will be able to overcome this? This type of sex crime, commonly referred to as “group grooming”, is the most painful and horrific type of crime in the sense that everyone I once personally know and have helped before has become my perpetrator. Moreover, the victim was only a middle school student.
1 middle school girl and 69 adult males. On top of it, it is a crime committed by foreign students who aren’t even able to communicate properly with locals. Can you even fathom a young female student in her mid-teens who was linguistically and culturally excluded from the perpetrators, alienated, objectified, and commodified? It is difficult to even imagine the psychological repression and violence this child must have suffered. I hope that our society will be able to convey consolation for her pain rather than cold criticism towards a young daughter, who had to endure the physical and mental violence she underwent.’
The case is still under investigation, 69 people is the minimum number, more might come out as the investigation progresses. 

(petition to apply harsh sentence to the 69 perpetrators of the sex crime)

original post: here
1. Hul I’m shocked that this case isn’t more popular in the media
2. This university is right in front of my parents’ house… I even attended the elementary school not far away from there. This is so shocking.. Crazy
3. Seriously those people can’t even be compared with trash, how are they still allowed to live? They’re killing this earth 
4. Ah she’s really a middle schooler?… This country is a country for sex offenders
5. I just signed the petition. Even beasts don’t act like them… 69 people against 1 to rape….? They all need to be killed. And why are people so quiet about this? I’ve heard of this case for the first time thanks to this post
6. This is such a huge case, but even with a title like this, it’s way too quiet… 
7. And you know how people would react if the genders were reversed? It’s not only our country, but the entire world would go crazy. Imagine 70 women assaulting an underage man sexually. CNN and all those places will post the pictures of the assailants everywhere
8. Does it even make sense? Crazy, cut all their d*cks off
9. Can they punish sex crimes properly already?
There are the same molka crimes, date assault crimes, murder, everyday and now, even foreigners are gang raping 1 student… What are they doing? …. 
10. ?????? 69 people against 1 middle schooler ????? Is this even real…??? What are they doing?????????
11. This makes no sense… I can’t believe what I’m reading. I signed the petition
12. Go sign the petition 
13. It’s to the point where female victims aren’t even reported to the news anymore. Is this even a country…
14. They sure are damn quiet when it comes to sex crimes. A country that has low punishment has no future
15. A country that is backward, cannot look back on itself

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