“As Youtube has become the post popular video broadcasting website in the world, global stars who are earning income through YT are on the rise.

Of course, this includes Korean idols. BTS is undoubtedly the top earner on YT. 2nd place was Blackpink and 3rd place was NCT Dream.

Forbes magazine calculated the revenue idols made based on YT data and selected the ‘top 10’.

BTS took the first place overwhelmingly with $16.5M. Blackpink was next with $11.6M.
3rd place was NCT Dream with $1.9M 
4th place was Seventeen with $1.7M
5th place was GOT7’s Bambam with $1.5M
6th place was Mamamoo with $1.5M
7th place was EXO with $1.5M
8th place was IU with $1.4M
9th place was Aespa with $1.2M
10th place was TXT with $980K”
This is weird… Why are the companies who are doing well on YT not included?

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1. [+198, -23]
Stray Kids’ views are pretty good though, where are they?
2. [+194, -11]
Bangtan is 3rd in the world
3. [+169, -22]
NCT Dream never advanced overseas.. I’m proud ^^
4. [+102, -5]
Forbes removed views related to promotional videos and those are based on real views. Forbes is still the one of the most accurate and legit organizations in the world. What’s up with the kids who are blindly attacking this because their bias didn’t make it?
5. [+89, -13]
No but BP is seriously insane the more I think about it… They have no self-made content, the group didn’t make any comeback and the only things they did this year was their online concert promo video, Rose’s solo, their Japanese album promo video and Lisa’s solol…

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