They said they were the first Koreans to perform on Nick Cannon’s show, and I went to Youtube to watch their performance, but it was so obviously lipsynced that I got taken aback
(They also lipsynced on Kelly Clarkson’s show)
I don’t think this was done live on a stage and they probably recorded it and sent the VCR, but this just looks insincere… 
Is it that hard for singers to sing live?
so you can still claim that you’re talented but then why not perform live?
But Americans hate lipsync

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Of course they don’t have any reactions overseas if they’re going to lipsync everyday 
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Meritocracy is huge in the US, so if you’re not going to perform live, you won’t hit big 
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Lee Sooman thinks that lipsync is a genre too 
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To the kids claiming that they’re okay they don’t perform live because they know they sing wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ  US is a place where they even swore at Beyonce for lipsyncing… Meanwhile everyone is aware that Beyonce is a f*cking good singerㅋㅋㅋ  If you’re a singer and you think the risk of performing live is too scary, so you rather move your mouth, you should know how embarrassing you’ll look. If you don’t then you shouldn’t expect to hit big in the US.. 
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This is my personal opinion, but I hope idols stop entering the US market. Seriously, Bangtan are an exceptional case. US doesn’t care about KPOP as much as you think. And KPOP artists have a huge gap in skills compared to US singers. Honestly whenever I watch them, I get embarrassed

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