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1. Agree, the groups who are passionate on live look much livelier and are more fun to watch. ATEEZ, Stray Kids and ITZY were all fun. Why would you use AR on live? Anyways, you can tell that there’s such a big difference with real lives so doesn’t that make them embarrassed? They might as well just lipsync. They are just dancing and moving their lips and look like robots with not passion. Even if the tuning is bad, I’m way more immersed in live stages and they are just more interesting to watch. I wish that idols would sing live more so that their stages are more worth watching. 

2. It’s my first time agreeing with a Japanese website
3. That’s right, idols who sing live are way more likable
4. I agree with the one saying that they don’t sing live so it just feels like they are watching an MV. It doesn’t entertain the people watching. That’s what I felt watching MAMA this year..
5. I don’t think that live singing is the only issue here. To be honest, the groups are starting to look similar too. It’s no longer, this group with this vibe and that group with that vibe. All their auras feel the same. Maybe because they want foreign fans but I don’t know. They only focus on shouting raps and performances
6. I don’t feel like idols are making public-friendly music anymore but are just pretty and handsome dancers. I hope that they stop scamming people with their AR as if it was live. If you just look at the 4th gen’s performance on the charts, you can already get the gist of it
7. They said not to watch it if you find it boring, so I just didn’t watch it
8. Agree, I watched the intro stage a little bit and honestly, no dance stood out to me and I didn’t remember anything
9. It’s seriously so boring how all idols are handsome and pretty ㅜ they are also so predictable now..
10. Because they don’t actually sing live, it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a stage. It just feels like a scripted MV
11. I do agree with them
12. For real, ever since Bigbang appeared in MAMA back in 2013?? I couldn’t remember any of the preceding years
13. I honestly agree with them
14. They are thinking the same as me. I just feel like I’m watching dolls who got good dance trainings
15. That’s right.. They need to look a bit more passionate and need to pour out everything on stage. They just seem lacking in that department. All of them just looked meh

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