Ex-Bang-Wan VS Ex-Bang-Sev

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1. [+94, -59]
You guys consider Seventeen A-list when they have no hits, no recognition and buried under controversies? Of course it’s Ex-Bang-Wan
2. [+73, -7]
To be honest, if you think about the 3rd generation, it has to be Ex-Bang-Wan..
3. [+60, -9]
Seventeen is in the freaking funny tier. please don’t get them mixed up
4. [+32, -2]
Is Seventeen the scapegoat nowadays?? I can understand why A-lists are called a door; Seventeen has no recognition, and they’re always ambiguous with their successes and loss
5. [+27, -4]
Didn’t Seventeen’s fans themselves tell people for the past years to stop saying “Ex-Bang-Sev”? 
6. [+23, -14]
Huh? Even in 2017, it was all about EXO, Bangtan and Wanna One, those 3 groups were the reason why “4th dimensional wall you cannot cross” has become an expression and they made “Ex-Bang-Wan”. But Ex-Bang-Wan’s disadvantage is that Wanna One had to disband, so Carats came after the disbandment and put Seventeen in it no? Of course, I consider Seventeen amazing, they have good songs and they’re handsome, but I don’t think they’re the same level
7. [+19, -1]
ㅋㅋ Seventeen are getting f*cked over for staying still 
8. [+15, -1]
You guys are f*cking disgusting. You’re the ones who are dragging Seventeen in the 4th generation and also dragging Seventeen for having no hit songs. Where are your bias ranked then? ㅋㅋ

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