(Mnet’s upcoming shows: Queendom2, Street Woman Fighter 2, SMTM 10) 
March 2022, Queendom 2
Who do you want to appear?
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1. [+149, -17]

Isn’t ITZY perfect for programs like Queendom?ㅋㅋ  they’ll hit daebak if they appeared for real 
2. [+137, -0]
To be honest, as long as you’re an A-list group, you will gain from appearing on Queendom 
3. [+117, -7]
Viviz is appearing for sure
4. [+90, -3]
5. [+65, -1]
I hope they’ll gather groups that debuted a few years ago for this. Groups like T-ara or Girls Day… Of course, it will be harder to do too 
6. [+62, -0]
Wekimeki and Dreamcatcher
7. [+39, -0]
But if you look at the traffic they can gain, I feel like only 1-2 known groups should come out. I’m not expecting groups that are part of the 2nd and 2.5 generations to come out. And if you look at the 3rd generation, Travel (Twice/RV/BP)’s possibility to appear is almost 0%. Mamamoo already appeared and there’s no way Gfriend will appear. I feel like the only group left would be ITZY
8. [+35, -76]
Twice needs to come obviously
9. [+33, -3]
Purple Kiss… They’re all pretty, I hope they succeed
10. [+30, -0]
Wow if they’re really doing it, I really really hope that Dreamcatcher, Wekimeki, LOONA and WJSN appear

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