Title: Park Myungsoo, Twice, controversy over mentioning digital scores “I can’t mention charts anymore” 

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You could see Park Myungsoo acting vigilant when asking Davichi about their digital scores. 
Park Myungsoo says “Christmas carol are hard to release because it is limited to its season.” “I shouldn’t be mentioning digital charts because there was a misunderstanding last time but do you expect to achieve #1?”
Davichi replies “Why shouldn’t you be able to mention them?”
Park Myungsoo “Go check on internet” 
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1. [+379. -19]
Once’s victim mentality is amazing. Of course they will be asked what the responses look like if they released a new song. They couldn’t answer, so he thought they didn’t know and said that they can look at it together. If their results were good, would you still think it was rude for him to ask? Stop this bullsh*t
2. [+340, -11]
Park Myung soo is getting treated like he committed the biggest crime just for mentioning the charts once. Isn’t it obvious to ask about the responses and the ranking when you release a new song? 
3. [+262, -7]
The fandom set him death threats just for asking for a ranking of a new song

4. [+138, -2]

No matter what you think of it, I can’t understand why Park Myungoo was in the wrong? To me, Once was the ones in the wrong for spending an entire day swearing at Park Myungsoo just for asking a new song’s score
5. [+137, -2]
I bet if they were toping charts on Melon, nobody would’ve called him rude for asking
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1. Park Myungsoo did nothing wrong, the fans are the problem dragging him by the hair and blowing this out of proportions. Park Myungsoo was trying hard not to turn this into some broadcast controversy meanwhile the fans are the ones who couldn’t wake up
2. Because the fans are making a fuss about it, they turned Park Myungsoo into the victim 
3. Park Myungsoo is pitiful… Why are they still hating on him? 
4. The fans are the issues here. Ever since Signal, I don’t know if they’re fangirling over Twice or fangirling over their scores. They even terrorized Park Jinyoungㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  The fans always say that they don’t need them to have good scores, yet they’re always prepared to hate on someone if their scores are bad. Twice has been promoting for so long already, of course it wouldn’t be possible for them to maintain their prime
5. Park Myungsoo, Twice, fighting
6. I don’t think it was a good question to ask either… But the fans blew it out of proportions by sending hate to Park Myungsoo’s IG, I still think it might only be a part of the fandom 
7. How not to become a weirdo = just look at communities for what not to do 
8. If you’re really their fans, stop acting like this pleaseㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
9. Park Myungsoo asked an innocent question and got beaten up.. 
10. I really hope that none of them get hated on for this incident anymore.. 

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