The middle is too tall so it feels likes Gaeul and Leeseo’s side is shrinking down.. Don’t short members usually stand in the middle?

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1. [+308, -77]
But it’s not like Jang Wonyoung could stand on the side either
2. [+208, -2]
I feel like Rei should change spots with Leeseo
3. [+144, -20]
But Gaeul and Rei can’t be centers either
4. [+108, -3]
If you were the manager, you would be crazy for removing Jang Wonyoung or Ahn Yujin from the center
5. [+72, -1]
Honestly, if Gaeul grew a bit taller, it wouldn’t look weird at all
6. [+58, -3]
Putting kids who are tall and who have good proportions in the center is the right thing to do. That’s how you get the overall image of the group and how they can captivate viewers

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