t/n: CONTEXT: Bohyeon is a Korean youtuber/influencer who has hit super big in Korea after revealing her school entrance admittance score (in which she scored 1 in every field : Korean, math, English, 2 ethics field, which makes her ranking 11111). She has been giving out tips for studying entrance exams, how to retake the SAT (she was taking her SAT for the 2nd time), and how to study for each field of study. Knets have started to notice incoherence in what she was saying ex. Ehwa is better than SNU, that with skills worthy of SNU, she will go to Ehwa, etc. and taking her score card ID and searching for the score on the public SAT score card database online (which they didn’t find anything). For the past week, they have been accusing her of faking her scores and she finally revealed today to have faked her scores. She has now deleted all her videos and her IG. This case is huge in Korea right now. We didn’t watch her videos/follow the case super closely, so if anyone have more info, feel free to share below!

TLDR: she was too pressured from her influencer life, so she faked her exam score

“Hello, this is Bohyeon. 
First of all, to the people who have suffered damage because of me,
I sincerely apologize to everyone who has disappointed me with this.
When I first announced on Instagram that I was going to take the 2022 SAT,
I realized that way more people than I have anticipated have given me attention/interest.
I felt like I was under immense pressure for the first time in my life from the comments and reactions left on study-related communities and various sites.
I thought to myself “will I be able to deliver the results that people are expecting me to deliver?”
I was worried until the day of the SAT exam that I might be ridiculed, and I took the exam (in this state). I thought that it would be difficult to get good grades because I couldn’t concentrate while taking the exam. Nonetheless, I was determined to reveal my grades honestly no matter how the grades came out because I believed it was up to my competencies whether I was able to control my stress or not. 
However, after taking the exam on the day of the entrance exam, looking at the anticipatory comments and malicious comments left on my YouTube and Instagram,
I thought that if I revealed my actual results, the reactions would be so unbearably scary that I judged I should absolutely not reveal my score. 
I thought this would be easy if I just wrote and posted a provisional score sheet that was different from my grades, but once I started the lie, there was no coming back, and eventually led to a situation where I ended up forging my score card.
In the end, all the wrong thoughts and actions I had committed were exposed, and I was so scared at the time (I realized I got caught) that I quickly shut down YouTube and Instagram. I am very sorry for not taking responsibility for my actions. 
I thought about it for several days, but I thought that acknowledging my actions and apologizing rather than running away was the minimum amount of manners to show people who believed in me and supported me, so I took the courage to stand in front of my camera. 
I first started YouTube because having personally stayed on the exam situation (meaning she’s been in the state of taking the exam/failing/preparing to retake it) for such a long time, I didn’t want anyone else aside from me to experience this kind of hardship. I did Youtube all this time because I wanted to teach people a more comfortable and easier way of getting the grades they wanted rather than being over focused on exams like me. I am very sorry for disappointing those who trusted and relied on me because of the wrong actions I took by being short-sighted.
Through this incident, I realized how lacking I was. I thought I was doing my best to live my life, but on the inside, I felt that I was always living with anxiety and worry.
I’m sorry again.
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1. [+439, -2]
This is the kind of videos she made, now her 24244 became a try not to laugh challenge (t/n: FIY, Korean SAT scores go from 1 to 9, 1 being the best, 9 being the worst. 4 being an average score. She scored 2 in Korean, 4 in math, 2 in English, 4 in 2 ethics fields making her total score 24244 instead of the 111111 she showed in her fabricated score sheet. Some people may think that 24244 is an ok score, but she was also paid to advertise certain study aid and claimed that she achieved 111111 thanks to them.)
video 1: thumbnail: Being #1 in Korean language is easy but.. 
title: throw away all your study aid materials, don’t do non-literature analysis | Tutorial for study tip on language field of SAT 

video 2: thumbnail: Being #1 in Mathematics is easy but… 

title: What are you trying to solve in practice tests? Throwing away study aids? Neuron or Drill? (t/n: Neuron and Drill are names of study aids with practical questions in mathematics) 
2. [+363, -3]
When asked whether she was fabricating, she said “I said I fabricated~” like that, so who’s mocking who now? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+350, -4]
(The exchange happened 6 months ago)
OP: When I saw your score card, I thought you were f*cking obviously going to SNU…. So how many mistakes can I make to go to SKY universities in regular admissions?
Bohyeon: Hmmm why don’t you just think of purposefully not going (to SKY)
OP: So you did have the grades to go but you purposefully didn’t go???
Bohyeon: For me, rather than focusing on the school itself, I wanted to study what I truly want. If you did it 3 times, what’s even the meaning behind going to a good university…. What I would hate even more is going to an university and paying them for learning something I hate.. Anyways that’s what I think..


4. [+336, -0]
Hmmmm why don’t you think of purposefully getting 24244… For me, rather than focusing on the score itself, I wanted to get the score I truly want. If you did it 3 times, what’s even the meaning behind a good score… Anyways that’s what I think (t/n: parody of her comment above)
5. [+298, -1]
For real, she’s getting 4s in social science, not even pure science and she’s claiming that studying is so easy? You really think she will have time to run a Youtube and attend all those private academies? It’s making my blood boil..

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