“I’m not gonna let things slide like this anymore.

I will go through everything and will start preparing to take legal actions next week.
Last time, I even arranged all the data so I have them with me. 
I already met with the lawyer twice.
I don’t need dirty money and there’s no room for negotiation.
I will show you what it is to bring disgrace to your family.
In order to protect myself, I stopped near the end but this time, I will go until the end.
Please wait.”
Looks like she’s still being tormented by the fans
original post: here
1. She should’ve released the voice recording. This editor was way too kind
2. I support you
3. Like fans like singers
4. Irene looks so happy now, damn…
5. Hul so the fans have been f*cking with her for over a year?
6. Please find strength
7. I seriously support her. The assailant is a famous celebrity who is receiving shields from the fans while the victim is getting tormented. Does this even make sense?ㅋㅋㅋ
8. Like Rene, like fans
9. Let’s go
10. Still???;;;;;;;

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