At 8:50 pm on the 16th, a man in his 20s broke into the house of Cho DooSoon in Ansan city, impersonating a police officer, and struck Cho in the head with a sledgehammer.
Cho was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment, but it is said that he is not seriously injured.
The police, who arrived after receiving a report from Cho’s wife, caught the criminal near the scene and are investigating him.
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1. Mistakes happen, please forgive himㅠㅠ
2. Ah I bet it was his first offence and he was drunk so he was physically and mentally weak, please let it slide~~~~ (t/n: FIY, Cho Doosoon used the ‘drunk’ card to receive a lighter sentence for what he did claiming he was physically and mentally weak)
3. It’s his first crime, he drank, and he was physically and mentally weak, which means he’s innocent
4. What a warm news to celebrate the end of the year. It’s his first offence and he was probably physically and mentally weak, let it slide
5. What a warm way to end the year
6. What a youth with promising bright future, let him go~
7. Should’ve given him an award instead
8. This just made my heart flutter..
9. So warm
10. It can happen when you’re drunk, who cares~
11. What a warm story. Just let the boy go
12. Give him a citizenship award
13. He warmed my heart
14. Everyone makes mistakes… Just repay us with good promotions in the future
15. Merry Christmas🥰💗 This youth in his 20s has a bright future ahead of him. 

#Real-time report
Cho Doo Soon was attacked with a hammer and transported to the hospital
The perpetrator was arrested for felony
Our house is the building next to Cho Doo Soon’s house.
When I parked my car after work, an old woman shouted, and I saw 6-7 people from the security and detectives who ran inside the building. A lot of ambulances and police officers came.
The person who struck Cho Doo Soon with a hammer was arrested being caught amidst his crime.
I took a picture, but a police officer at the scene told me to delete it, so I don’t have any pictures anymore
(The picture below is not related)
The content of this informant may differ from what actually happened.
If anyone has witnessed it or knows more about it, please report it.
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1. [+951, -2]
Instead of calling him unidentified assailant, can’t we give him the citizenship for his bravery instead??
2. [+733, -3]
The hero of the 21st Century
3. [+675, -3]
3 people doing 24h safeguard + one police cn standby + 2 people patrolling + 2 people from Sicheong police station on the opposite side of his building in surveillance, what a waste of our taxes.. Crazy 
4. [+381, -2]
Are they really going to jail that man in his 20s?? He’s a hero though ??? Citizens should gather funds and hire a strong lawyer for him no?
5. [+357, -0]
I bet that young man drunk and he was out of it, let’s just resolve this through words and let him slide

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