(Q: Actor you wanted to see the most at the 2021 AAA?
Names from left to right, top down
Lee Jungjae – Lee Seunggi – Yoo Ah In – Han Sohee
Moon Ga Young – Na In Woo – Cha Eunwoo – Hwang Minhyun
Kim Joo Ryeong – Heo Sung Tae – Baek Joo Mi – Joo Seok Tae
Cha Ji Yeon – Ryu Kyung Soo – Lee Jun Young – Lee Do Hyun
Doyoung – Park Gun Il – Sung Hoon – Kyun Yu Ri
Jeon Yeon Bin – Song Ji Hyo – Leeteuk (MC) – Jang Wonyoung (MC))
As expected of Han Sohee… she’s similar to Lee Jung Jae

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1. [+87, 0]
Why do they make these votes? If I didn’t get any vote, I would’ve gotten so sad and just left homeㅜ
2. [+49, 0]
She deserves it, she’s f*cking pretty
3. [+37, 0]
She’s the hottest female actress nowadays
4. [+33, -3]
Yoo Ah In also got more votes than I thought
5. [+23, 0]
She’s pretty but her aura is also pretty in a trendy way? I think that’s why
6. [+22, 0]
I want to give a vote to the people who received none ㅠ
7. [+18, 0]
Ah but why would they do that?;; The people who got no vote will be so upset

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