They’re pretending to be a quarrel lover😭#Snowdrop #SnowdropEp1 pic.twitter.com/WBwaRiQOz2

— 츄로스 ❄️ (@kdramasfilm) December 18, 2021

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1. If not from the subtitles, I wouldn’t understand what she was saying
2. Her intonation is awkward and her pronunciation is a mess, honestly even her emotions are.. ha…
3. This is a clip of her pretending to act so of course she’s gonna look weird. You didn’t even give the context and just took this clip to hate on her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I know there are a lot of things to hate about Snowdrop but this? Don’t blindly hate her if you don’t know the context of the clip
4. Ah.. this is oba. They are so dislikable
5. I don’t even think that she auditioned for this role. I bet that she just entered the room and they took her
6. Bhad guyr (T/N: mimicking her pronunciation)
7. To be honest, I was curious so I watched it. But what’s up with her pronunciation? Is there anyone here who knows the script?
8. Oh? I don’t know what she’s saying ㅠ I don’t know if there are subtitles when she sings but her voice is annoying
9. It feels like a web drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋ no, I don’t even think that web dramas would 5ok this
10. Jisoo’s acting is seriously… Freaking bad, her pronunciation is just…

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