He wrote his own lyrics. J-hope is from Gwangju

I’m a South Jeollado, Gwangju’s baby
Even if my footsteps go to the mountains
It always goes to the summit of Mt. Mudeung, every day
My life is hot, the heat of the south
There’s no such thing as giving up on the law of this fierce heat
I put on a KIA and I turn on the engine
Bounce like crazy
With just one dance I raise my big dream of being a singer
Now in front of reality (I do) music and I jump on stage
Everyone saw, right? I put in passion
I’m Gwangju’s hoshigi, the country’s 8 provinces gear up
If you want to see me then gather at 7
Everyone dial it, 062 – 518

Note: Gwangju is in 7 o’clock direction away from Seoul, respectively North Korea on the map. Ilbe still tries to claim that the Gwangju Uprising on the 18th of May happened due to North Korea and refuses to see any proof. Ilbe forum is generally very discriminating but specifically persecutory to people of the city Gwangju because they had 98% votes for the left party. They call Gwangju “7 o’clock”, implying they are working with the North Korea. Whenever the number “7” is mentioned, well that Is when Ilbe is pointing at Gwangju city. The numbers 062 represent the area code for Gwangju City. The numbers 518 symbolize the 18th of May 1980, the day of the Democratic Uprising, in which many university students and teachers were involved in. Cr. Genius
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1. [+249, -6]
These lyrics are also shading Ilbe. And thanks to that, Bangtan’s international fans have studied a lot about the democratization movement of Gwangju
2. [+150, -4]
Hul, I’m another group’s fan but I like the song
3. [+125, -4]
I freaking love the song
4. [+97, -0]
“Last month, at Gwangju’s Supercon, the international Army who came to watch BTS listened to their song and also visited the May 18 Democratic Cemetery, offered flowers, and burned incense, which became a news topic. On that day, Ukrainian Army Zotoba Anastasha (?) said “I learned about 5.18 democratization movement through BTS song and studied about it.” “If I didn’t listen to BTS song, I would’ve never known about such an important event.”
5. [+88, -0]
Suga also made a song about 5.18 before debut and I’ve seen PANN discuss it beforeㅋㅋㅋㅋ That song is really good and it’s directly about 5.18. It’s less sugarcoated, so it’s better
6. [+70, -0]
Gloss = Yoongi. What to do? The more I fangirl on this guy, the more I like him 
518-062 combines the area code of Gwangju, 062, and 5.18, the start of the Gwangju uprising. 
five-one-eight from the o to the six two means that 518 happened in Gwangju. 
This song is about reviving the memories that were slowly fading away from 5.18 democratic movement. 
518-062 also looks like a zip code, it’s a term made from the thought of a zip-code. 
I hope that the song can relay the message to ‘not forget about 5.18 democratic movement’ through 518-062.
7. [+67, -17]
People are really calling this an opportunistic business post?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They deserve to get business posts for doing something good. These idols are using their influence in a good way to make international fans study about the history of Gwanju
8. [+55, -3]
This makes them so comparable. They deserve praise for this so where’s the issue? Someone who isn’t even an Army posted this on Twitter and got a ton of RTs and they got Bangtan a ton of hate. PANN is way better in comparisonㅋㅋ   If you’re a normal person, you wouldn’t help but find that Bangtan having members like that is something amazing. Whether you praise them or not, there’s no reason to drag them for this. 

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