Why is she so pretty? Has she always looked like this?

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1. [+78, -8]
Yuna must’ve lost weight. I can see her debut face now
2. [+64, -5]
She was always pretty but she’s especially pretty nowadays
3. [+45, -2]
It’s because she lost her baby fat. Seriously freaking pretty

4. [+38, -2]

Yuna has always been pretty. Only Pann says that she’s so-so

5. [+27, -2]
People were saying how Yuna was going through adverse change but they were lying. She’s even prettier now;;

6. [+25, -2]

She’s in her 2nd legendary days. Even since Dalla Dalla, Yuna shocked me again during Way To Go

7. [+22, -1]
Yuna looks way prettier on screencaps than on her selcas. She’s seriously freaking pretty

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