“Moments of reality check in your relationships”

+655: When someone I regularly take care of don’t even congratulate me on my birthday let alone the birthday gifts
+159: When a group of friends I thought I was close with are playing all together on their profile picture without me
+ 212: When I cannot find anyone to comfortably reach out to when I’m having a hard time among my multitude of Ka-talk friends

+997: In order to maintain a relationship, I’m pretending to be fine with something even if I hated it… And when I couldn’t speak honestly

+573: When I had nobody to hang out with even on my free time
+423: I’m a homebody so when I tell others that I’ll be staying home.. To be honest, I like going out too but I have no one to contact and no one will reach out to me either..
+ 772: When I pretend to comfort and care for one another but inside of me, I’m constantly comparing myself with them. Also when I find myself being sensitive when trying not to lose to them
+772: When I can feel that others are uncomfortable when I’m with them.. It feels like even though I’m in a group of people, there’s no place for me..
+361: When unless I contact them, they would never reach out to me first. I feel like they only contact me when they need me.

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If you’re an outsider (T/N: a reject/no friends), you don’t even need to have these thoughts to get a reality check
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When they act cold towards me and don’t talk to me at all but are super friendly and laugh a lot around other kids. I f*cking get a reality check
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A pro tip to not get a reality check within your relationships 1. don’t expect anything 2. maintain a reasonably distance 3. don’t be scared to cut off people
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I can seriously relate to the last one. I would reach out to others 1~2 times a week while others would reach out to me 3~4 times at most? I kept feeling a sense of loneliness so I stopped contacting them first. As I got older, I didn’t need anyone in my life anymore and I’m spending my life alone. Your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, family… they are all “others” anyways. Life is alone. So don’t expect too much from others
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Kids, please find your real bestfriend. It’s seriously so comfortable

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