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I couldn’t watch the show live today so I didn’t see the dance battle. Based on the battles alone, who did better?
(T/n: we don’t watch the show so we’re not too sure which mission they are talking about. This is what we found on Twitter – let us know if it’s something else :/)

2차미션 원 팀 퍼포먼스 (1)
팀 라치카 아마존 X 클루씨 #스걸파 pic.twitter.com/srWACbNhp7

— ki (@XbkzlN) December 21, 2021

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1. [+305, -16]
First of all, battle aside, if you think about who won, it should’ve been AMAZON
2. [+261, -22]
To be honest, I think that AMAZON killed itㅇㅇ
3. [+250, -5]
1st round, AMAZON killed it. 2nd round was similar and 3rd round, KLWC. Personally, I didn’t think they’d go to the 3rd round
4. [+211, 0]
Anyways, it was already over for KLWC because of their mistakeㅠ… Coca also eliminated a group because of a mistake
5. [+177, -4]
The fact that Lachica dropped Amazon makes it look like they don’t want them to win

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