I’m only mentioning the dramas that ended

I’m excluding single-act dramas and only mentioning the ones that have over 10 episodes

She Would Never Know

Best 2.4% (Episode 3)
Worse 1.4% (Episode 8)


Best 0/7% (Episode 1) 
Worst 0.3% (Episode 7)

Sisyphus: The Myth 

Best 6.6% (Episode 2) 
Worst 3.3% (Episode 15) 

Monthly Magazine Home

Best 3.1% (Episode 1) 
Worst 1.6% (Episode 4) 

No Longer Human 

Best 4.1% (Episode 1) 
Worst 1.0 (Episode 11) 

Inspector Koo

Best 2.7% (Episode 4) 
Worst 1.5% (Episode 11) 

Reflection Of You 

Best 3.6% (Episode 1) 
Worst 2.0% (Episode 10)


Best 2.2% (Episode 1)
Worst 0.9% (Episode 8)
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1. Their casting is freaking amazing though 
2. Sisyphus was f*cking fun though..ㅠㅠ
3. F*ck Inspector Koo was so fun but JTBC is a f*ckerㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
4. Most of them had their best ratings in episode 1
5. They really worked hard in their casting bust just can’t live up to the hype
6. Save Inspector Koo 
7. They all flopped 
8. Because of their controversy, I just want JTBC to disappear as a whole 
9. I enjoyed a lot of their dramas, but they’ve dug their graves with this controversy 
10. I didn’t watch a single drama from the listㅋㅋ

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