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Min Yoonggi vs Do Kyungsoo, what’s your type in terms of looks? Min Yoonggi vote up/ Do Kyungsoo vote down
2. [+78, -3]
I’m here too
3. [+73, -3]
I’ve seen IU, Taemin and Yoo Seungho ever since they were small so I can’t believe this…
4. [+24, -3]
Anyone remembers the Friday performance at MAMA in 2014?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I rewatch it often because of how heart fluttering it was ㅠ I hope that these two work together again ㅎㅎ

5. [+22, -11]

Even IU is turning 30 now so her fans can’t say anything about her dating life anymore. That’s why I’m asking, who’s IU dating now?
> Jang Kiha
> Yeo Jingoo
> I bet that she’s dating one of the country’s top hip hop artist
> IU likes ahjussis like Sung Shikyung
> I hope she dates Seo Kangjoon
> GD
> Jungkook
> IU and Baekhyun from Dispatch
> It’s impossible to know who she’s dating. The fact that this is the best reply is hilarious

6. [+16, 0]
Taemin really doesn’t match with “30”

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