Source: Women Generation posted about this protest event

T/N: it’s not SNSD, from Namuwiki, it’s a Daum Cafe called 여성시대, it’s a community that was opened in 2007 and comprised of !800K female users from 20-30 y’o discussing about social issues, news, entertainment, beauty, etc. 

Truck #1

Thursday, Friday – roaming around Sangam-dong
Saturday – roaming around Hongdae(Mapo-gu)
Truck #2
Thursday, Friday, Saturday – roaming around Gwanghwamun, Jong-ro, Gangnam (t/n: Gwanghwamun and Jong-ro are historical areas of Seoul)

In front of YTN (t/n: Korean news channel)

In front of City Hall square 

banner message: #beautification of NSA – Snowdrop – Broadcast halt – Scrap everything!!!
from: people who protect history
t/n: we will translate the screen messages below

In front of JTBC

In front of Dongailbo (t/n: Korean newspaper)

Screen messages: 

The victims from the torture from NSA are still alive. 
The murderers and torturers from the NSA are still alive. 
The 1987 battle has not ended. 

The snowdrop of 1987 is not hope that falls like snow on dry land.

Rather, it was despair that poured like rain on the ground stained with blood.

Democracy was not achieved free of charge

Their sacrifices are not something you can ride freely on!

Just how far are you going to distort the history that we know?

You are insulting my history!!!


Delighting in distorting history in your various ways

An upright NSA agent? (t/n: the true meaning of 대쪽같아 is hard to translate, it literally means straight like a bamboo, figuratively, it means someone who has strong morals, able to draw the line, in a very positive/praise-worthy way)

You can straighten up twice, but democracy will fold on itself twice!!!

The ones with the upright temper isn’t the NSA

rather, it’s the citizens who protected democracy. 

(they’re making an acrostic phrase with Seolganghwa, we’ll translate the sentences literally) 

Seol – Don’t tell me you forgot?
Gang – Through their big aspirations,
Hwa: There are real names attached to the ones whose splendid youths took an end in the NSA torture room. 

‘He banged his head and died’ T/n: this is the exact sentence that the government gave out after a 2nd investigation on Park Jongchul martyr’s death, admitting that there was tortured’

Snowdrop producers, do you not know about the brutality of the NSA?
This is the Twitter account for the truck 👇

설강화 트럭 시위가 YTN앞,시청앞 사거리에서 시작되었습니다
총 두대로 진행되며
1호 상암동
2호 광화문-종로-강남 일대로
운행될 예정입니다.#안기부미화 #설강화 #방영중단 #전량폐기하라 #설강화트럭시위 pic.twitter.com/B5O6dWBArn

— 설강화 트럭 시위🚚 (@Distortionout) December 23, 2021

Please give a lot of interest!!!

original post: here
1. Fighting!! The messages are daebak, you’re making me emotional
2. Meanwhile what is Jisoo’s fandom doing? They haven’t done anything in stopping the show even after it aired
3. I’m supporting you!!
4. Seriously, this is the way we should be organizing ourselves. That’s how they’ll wake up. We need to refrain them from making any dramas and movies as a whole in the future
5. There’s nothing I can add to those messages and everything is straight to the point. 
More than scrapping this drama, we will incite them to stop making other controversial dramas too. 
Don’t mind people calling this waste of electricity and noise pollution
6. Ughㅠㅠㅠ Looking at how quiet JTBC is acting right now, it looks like they’ll still going to try to broadcast the episode this week, but I hope they will not lazily let this slide again. Please
7. Looking at the source being Women Generation, it looks like Women Generation were also the ones who collected the funds for this… I want to send them funds too ㅠㅠ  The message is beautifully written
8. Those messages are daebakㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Fighting
9. Women Generation were always well organized when it comes to truck protests. Even looking back at the Maple Story incident, they were the first ones to organize one (t/n: not too sure what this one is about, seems like it happened in 2007-2008). 
Anyways, people usually get very intimidated by protest trucks. I hope it gets cancelld soon!! I’m supporting
10. I support you!! Me too I’m going to send money if you organize more!!

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