동네 떡볶이집 개장했는데
이걸 지금 농담이라고 해놓은거??????????????????????????? 내가 잘못본건가 두번 세번 네번 읽었음 pic.twitter.com/5HFR4DSWql

— ✨반짝 무명✨ (@no1_nobody__) December 22, 2021

“There’s a  ddeokbokkie place that just opened in my neighborhood, 
Are they putting this here as a joke????????????????????????????????
I was wondering if my eyes saw right and had to double/triple take”

“Burning Sun’s VIP, are you making rape drugs ddeokbokkie today too?”

Are they nuts??
original post: here
1. Crossing the line
2. The person who sent it is just as crazy as the people who received it and displayed it shamelessly….
3. ㅋㅋ….Look at people trivializing the incident and passing it as a joke. Both the person who sent it and the person who received it must’ve found themselves so funny and chuckled between themselvesㅋㅋ
4. People really consume this kind of humor? Wow
5. What is there to benefit a business from associating themselves with Burning Sun?
6. Did they think this would have the same effect as calling them ‘drug ddeokbokkie’? (t/n: 마약 = addictive drug is used as a pretty common expression in Korea, especially for food, they have drug kimbap (mayak kimbap), drug ddeokbokkie, etc.)
7. Ilbe aesthetics
8. People find this funny?
9. Looking at the picture, this is the store’s location. The road view picture was taken on July and it was still empty at that time

10. Wow there’s no reason anyone should go eat at that place

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