For me it’s those people who are too passionate about IG

*sigh f*ck*
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1. [+438, -31]
This one, this person has a thousands of likes…^/^ … Seriously this freaking sucks

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#follow #likeback #like #liketerror #likeback(abbreviated) #likebackterror(abbreviated))
2. [+431, -5]
People who makes jokes about others’ appearance, I seriously freaking freaking freaking freaking freaking hate this
3. [+341, -63]
The people who release a ton of IG stories
4. [+322, -1]
For me it’s really those small trivial stuff that makes the difference, for example, when asking a favor, instead of saying “can you listen for a second? (t/n: with 들어줘)” they say “can you listen for a second? (t/n: with 들어봐)” (t/n: the difference is barely there, but ending the sentence with 줘 instead of 봐 for a favor makes you look more polite/have manners)
5. [+262, -11]
People who say your(너네 ) mom/your(너네 ) dad… Kinda rubs be the wrong way (t/n: again, 너네  means you (plural form) but informally used. To sound polite/mannerly you should use 너희)
6. [+245, -21]
Looks like Pann really hates IG..
7. [+228, -29]
For me it’s those girls who feel f*cking inferior towards Jang Wonyoung and are being loud about it, it f*cking turns me offㅋㅋㅋㅋ
8. [+212, -4]
People who whine all the time and talk loudly..
9. [+205, -4]
When people stick their tongues out when chewing food
10. [+203, -1]
I hate when men wear clutches
11. [+200, -3]
People who talk about their boyfriend all the time
12. [+185, -1]
When you guys are 2 people eating in a  restaurant and the other one just stares at their phone
13. [+181, -1]
When someone sneakily posts an unflattering picture of me
14. [+170, -9]
The ones who are too absorbed in MBTI for real

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