Kim Dong Hee’s legal representative has revealed the results of the investigation related to the actor’s school violence allegations.

Back in February, an anonymous person uploaded a post on an online community titled “Actor Kim Dong Hee born in 1999 was a school violence perpetrator.” The writer of the online post included testimonies from people who graduated from the same school and added Kim Dong Hee’s graduation picture as evidence.

Another netizen said, “Kim Dong Hee hung an E-cigarette around his neck or kept it in the pocket of his school uniform, and he smoked inside the classroom.” They added, “He slapped the face of a fellow student who has a disability by playing games to their disadvantage, and he made people who were pushovers massage him.”

Kim Dong Hee’s agency NPIO Entertainment denied the school violence rumors and announced plans to take legal action.

On December 28, Kim Dong Hee’s lawyer Jang Hyun Woo said in an official statement that the actor has been found innocent of all allegations of school violence.

His lawyer released the following statement:


Here is our position on the issue regarding actor Kim Dong Hee.

For a long time through law enforcement agencies, Kim Dong Hee has worked hard to reveal the truth of the allegations posted online in February. In the process, Kim Dong Hee submitted his plaintiff statement, statements from his teachers and alumni, and copies of his elementary and middle school records. However, due to the fact that this happened in elementary school, which was a long time ago, and there is no clear evidence to support the different positions and claims, the investigations found Kim Dong hee to be innocent.

This result does not mean that the raised allegations are true. In particular, Kim Dong Hee really wanted to correct the information about bullying a classmate with a disability, so I would like to take this opportunity to address this part.

Kim Dong Hee grew up with two people with disabilities in his immediate family, and although he had a difficult family life, he tried to protect and embrace his family’s pain and wounds. Thus, false information about [his attitude towards] people with disabilities caused not only him, but also his family members with disabilities, a lot of pain and suffering.

There was a time when Kim Dong Hee was rebellious because of his poor childhood environment, but he never did anything that would be considered a social controversy. However, he realized that there were some people who were hurt by his immature words and actions, and he took the time to deeply reflect on himself.

Kim Dong Hee will continue to try to be a better person.

t/n: we covered his allegations here
original post: here
1. Isn’t this guy from JYP too?
2. I freaking hate JYP
3. Why did they choose this kind of title? Talk about leading to misunderstandings (t/n: the ‘exposer’ in the title was the victim of Kim Donghee)
4. The most important part is that the victim was cleared from their charges!!!!!
5. They really cleared the charges off a victim??????
6. Goosebumps
7. Nowhere in the article did they mention that the victim was cleared from the charges? And to say that a “victim” is cleared from the charges makes no senseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course victims are innocent to start with
8. ????? So what they’re implying with that title is that he probably tried to sue his victims, but his victims turned out to be innocent…. They should’ve written “He tried to sue the victim, but they were cleared from the charges” in the title instead
9. The victim was cleared off from charges you mean?? Kim Donghee is the one who tried to sue them
10. The way they’re media playing is seriously dirty
11. Clearing charges of a victim, the position he’s taking is f*cking disgusting
12. 🤮
13. The way he mediaplay is just like Kim Seonho, freaking nauseating
14. He’s f*cking sly. He’s creepy
15. The way he’s mediaplaying with thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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