[theqoo]What netizens say about BTS’s RM mentioning his dating rumors on Weverse

“I don’t know that person at all. The poodle is my friend’s poodle”

Celebrities must be really tired

original post: theqoo

1. Whether they’re in love or not, just leave BTS alone

2. It’s crazy how many times our kids have to explain bullsh*t rumors this year

3. Big Hit, please take down those videos first

4. I hope that the people who spread those rumors will be sued

5. BTS hasn’t responded to rumors like this before, but if you look at the changes these days, it’s definitely serious

6. It’s annoying that the members know about it and even mention it like this

7. I hope that not only Big Hit but also other agencies will sue that YouTube channel

8. Celebrities must be so tired

9. Seeing BTS V and RM personally mention it, I feel that the way of responding has changed a bit from before.. They must be so tired

10. That YouTuber should be sued, please


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