[theqoo]What netizens say about Jae leaving DAY6

Jae leaves DAY6

JYP announced that DAY6 member Jae will be leaving the group and ending his exclusive contract with JYP due to personal reasons

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1. He is leaving the group. As someone who enjoys listening to DAY6’s songs, I hope DAY6 continues their activities

2. What about the fans? I feel bad for their fans

3. He doesn’t seem to fit the Korean idol culture

4. Looks like his personality doesn’t match an idol. Let’s live while making the kind of music you want

5. Why? What’s happening?

6. I really like his voice, but it’s a pity

7. If you don’t like idol culture, why did you become a K-pop idol? Anyway I hope he’s happy in the future

8. Looks like he doesn’t fit the Korean culture and idol industry, but I hope he will be happy as a solo artist in the US in the future. I don’t want to see him as a member of a group anymore

9. Anyway, it’s a group that would do well without him

10. I hope the rest of the members do better

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