[Pann] What netizens say about Dispatch’s concert lineup

Dispatch concert lineup

NCT 127
Stray Kids

Dispatch is working hard doing business, they’re even holding a concert

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1. [+197, -21] Aren’t these the groups that Dispatch has treated well over the past few years? Most of the groups have released pictorials with them, Dispatch is doing something with all the groups they are close to in their own way?

2. [+182, -35] Fans of failed idol groups are going crazy right now

3. [+176, -14] The relationship between Dispatch and NU’EST is so good. Dispatch released a lot of special features with NU’EST

4. [+101, -110] A group that’s not promoting in Korea is attending Dispatch’s event??

5. [+92, -7] Why is this getting hot;; Whether Dispatch keeps their secrets or not, is there anything wrong with them attending Dispatch’s event? LOVEs, ARMYs, CARATs, ONCE, NCTzens, STAYs, MOAs and ENGENEs, let’s enjoy it

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