(Average height: 171.5 cm)
Expected to debut on Jan 5th
– Girl group from Stella Jang’s company GLG
– Members: Sitala (’96), Seoi (’00), Riina (’01), Yel (’04)
(Tentative name JYPN)
Expected to debut on February

– Composed of vocal line members following JYP Twice and ITZY

– Members: Lily (’02), Haewon (’03), Sullyoon (’04), Jinni (’04), BAE (’04), Jiwoo (’05), Gyujin (’06)
(The first YG girl group with a Chinese member)
– Girl group that YG will release after BP
– Members: Yang Chaewon (’06), No Hyelin (’06), Kang Seojin (’00), Wei Chen (’00), Wang Siyu (’99)
Min Heejin’s girl group

(Girl group under HYBE)

– Girl group who is from an independent label under HYBE called ADOR which is made by F(x), Shinee, EXO and Red Velvet’s visual director Min Heejin
– Members: Lee Seohyun (’04), Kim Minji (’04), Ryu Hanbi (’04)

Source Music’s girl group

(Girl group under HYBE)
– Source Music who used to house GFriend will make a group with Produce2 members as the centers
– Members: Sakura (’98), Kim Chaewon (’00), Heo Yoonjin (’01), Yoon Chaebin (’06)

MLD Girl group
– Momoland’s company MLD is planning to debut a girl group next year with GP999’s trainees Nonaka Shana as center

– Members: Nonaka Shana (’03), Chantal Videla (’02), Nancy Yang(?)
SW Girl group
– SW Entertainment’s first girl group
– Members: Lee Eunbi (’04), Park Rian (’04), Kang Taerin (’06), Yoon Taebin (’08) (Their profile will be revealed as such: 1st Yoon, 3rd Lee, 6th Park, 9th Kang)
And Kep1er
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1. [+152, -201]
Finally, the real A-list NMIXX and BaMon are comingㅋㅋ Aespa’s spot was way too undeserving
2. [+150, -1]
YG, let’s change the team name a bit. What’s with BABYMONSTERS;;
3. [+58, -81]
The time to knock out MYs has come?
4. [+35, -3]
There’s no way Min Heejin fails if you look at SM’s history…
5. [+35, -6]
A-list NMIX, BaMon and Aespa, B-list STAYC, IVE and Min Heejin
6. [+33, 0]
But am I the only one who feels like BaMon will not debut this time..? They dragged BP for a long time too. To be honest, I feel like they’ll debut in ’23..
7. [+31, 0]

8. [+31, -1]

Wow looks like the competition will be even fiercer for the 4th gen than Tw-Re-Bl

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