[enter-talk/theqoo] DAY6 JAY SAID THAT HE’S LEAVING

No but why are their words so different…
Park Jaehyung said that the members are in the army so he will rest a bit until promoting as a full group again
But JYP just cut him off..
(Jae is American)

“Hello My Day. Everyone, those who have been with DAY6 or with me until this day, thank you so much.
These past 6 years have been some of the happiest years of my life, and I am so grateful to have built up so many memories that will stay with me forever with all of you. I had a lot to think about, and I tried my best, but I think that it would be inadequate for me to linger where I am, because there is still so much for me to improve on.
After a sincere discussion with my agency, we have arrived at the decision to announce a hiatus in my group promotions. I will cherish these memories of sweating together, pushing forward together, and all of the happy moments which brought me to tears for the past 6 years right by my heart, and hope that I can return to the band as a better person than I am now.
This has been DAY6’s Jae, thank you!”

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

First, we would like to sincerely apologize to the My Day who have always cheered on DAY6 for bringing you this sudden news.
As of December 31, 2021, DAY6 member Jae will be leaving the band and ending his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment, due to personal reasons. JYP Entertainment arrived at this decision in order to respect Jae’s wishes after engaging in a lengthy discussion with the idol.
Although our relationship with Jae has now come to an end, JYP Entertainment will continue to cheer on Jae’s new beginning in the near future.
Finally, JYP Entertainment promises to provide the fullest support toward the activities of DAY6, and we ask My Day for your unending love and support.
Thank you.”
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1. [+190, -9]
 But he said that he talked with the members directly and that he’ll come back to the group. Also, the company said that he was withdrawing because he was the one who ended his contract
2. [+176, -15]
Jae’s promotions have always been shaky but I can’t forget his voice color…. I think that he played an important role in Day6ㅠㅠㅠ ha, please, I hope that this gets resolved nicely once the members are back from the army ㅠㅠ
3. [+170, -4]
Since last year, all members are in the military, excluding Jae. Ever since last year, he consistently expressed his intention to promote, but the agency refused all his collab offers, didn’t give him any schedule and treated him like a transparent person for 2 years now. It’s not like he could promote solo because the company doesn’t give him work. To be honest, his only option is to go out for a bit, promote solo and wait for the members
4. [+110, -4]
F*ck… are some of the MY DAYs here really MY DAYs..? Have you been a fan for a while?.. Jaehyung has always been sincere about Day6’s promotions nonetheless. You will know if you attended his concert or fan meeting. Did you know that in their first fan meeting, he was so sick that he couldn’t attend but in the end, he persisted and went and cried while apologizing? During their concerts, he would look ever where around the audience, keep going close to the fans, greeting the fans and I can still vividly remember how he looked so happy when singing at their concerts. You might wonder how I know this but I attended their concerts and was almost at the upfront in the standing area. And for their fan meetings, I attended them all except for oneㅋㅋㅋ I’m taking a break from fangirling but I can still clearly remember jumping around and smiling at their concerts. Jaehyung was that sincere about Day6. Are you pretending not to know these or do you really not know? To be honest, JYP f*cking discriminated against Jae towards the end; some of the MY DAYs here shouldn’t talk. You will never be able to say such things if you saw Jaehyung up close during Day6’s official promotions
5. [+92, -5]
But I think that Jae will do well as a solo artist too… He featured a lot in hip-hop/r&b songs. I didn’t even know that he was Day6’s Jae at first
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1. Isn’t he leaving in advance?
2. Wasn’t he the one who kept whining here and there? So he ended up withdrawing in the end
3. I can finally fangirl on Day6 without regret..
4. He talked so much sh*t so he’s finally leaving. Even without him, Day6 can promote just fine
5. But for real, Day6 will be fine without him
6. Hul was he the kid with glasses? I liked his voice but he talked way too much..
7. He even previewed his withdrawal with his tattoo (T/N: see below), he kinda gives me the shady loser vibes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
8. Ok go
9. This is refreshing, farewell
10. I knew that he would leave.. He kept talking about this and that and never promoted..

The 1597 is his debut date (2015/9/7)

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1. What does that mean?? I’m a fan of another group so I don’t know… is this problematic?
> It’s his debut date until his withdrawal date from the company or from the group. On January 1st, he announced that he was officially leaving the company but will stay in the team. He got this tattoo a while back and the company officially said that he was leaving the team. But the reason why people are speculating that he’s quitting the group is because the first date was his debut date.
2. But they probably already knew of his departure date a few months ago, only the fans are pitiful
3. Wow f*ck, his fans must be having it so hard… wow…
4. Of course he got the tattoo for memories. If he hated his promos or his groups and that they forced him out, I bet that he wouldn’t get it..?.. There must have been a reason even though it’s sad that he’s leaving in advance.. I think that breaking up is the part of the process of love
5. I liked his vocals though… what a shame, I hope he leaves happily
6. Daebak, I wonder if he made this while waiting or after he left. I feel like it’s one or the other
7. The tattoo is repulsive but what’s worse is that he used this as a preview…. 🤦‍♀️
8. Wow he’s being so rude to the fans until the end..
9. Impressiveㅋㅋㅋ
10. If he debuted in ’15, he must’ve been living in Korea for at least 7 years but what’s up with his typos?

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