Im Junhyeok: To put it coldly, I’m always here just to practice singing.

Wonjun: But you’ve been someone who’s more oriented towards singing since the beginning
PK(?): The reason why you need to do more dancing is because hyung, you’ve been sandwiching us here. We’ve also been holding back.
Im Junhyeok: I’m not someone who have lived like that (practicing more dancing than singing) so I’m really trying my best here
Im Junhyeok: Why should dance come first?
Wonjun: Idols is about prioritizing dancing over singing
Im Junhyeok: I just hope that when our vocals as a group gets revealed, we don’t embarrass ourselves
Im Junhyeok (interview): I felt like I was being cornered. Seriously if you can’t sing, that’s the main reason why idols are getting bashed on lately. People cursing you for being bad at singing
What do you guys think?
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1. Of course singing… You can always use backdancers for the dance part… Even backdancers are as pretty as idols nowadays, so what’s the difference..
2. Nowadays, all of the idols use AR and don’t sing live anymore, so isn’t it better for them to just perfect their dancing..
3. But if your singing sucks, no matter how well you dance, you don’t attract any attention
4. If you’re an idol, all you need is a good performance, so danceㅋㅋ It’s also more enjoyable to watch the fancams
5. If we’re talking about the past, it was obviously singing, I’ve never seen an idol who was unable to sing, but if you look at nowadays, it’s obviously dancing..
6. If you’re a singer, of course you need to sing. You can’t have a singer who can’t sing, while dancing is another category..
7. Of course singing, if you only want to sing, why don’t you just become a dancer?
8. I used to think it was singing, but now it’s dancing
9. Of course singing… Idols are singers after all..
10. To be honest, I hate seeing how music shows are recording ARs and pretend like they’re singing as if it was live… Even if it’s my bias, I just don’t bother watching

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