It’s a scan but she’s so pretty I’m gonna die..ㅠㅠ

She seems to know what to do to show the charms on her face
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1. [+169, -5]
That other kid is getting a lot of publicity but for a fan of another group, she’s the prettiest
2. [+89, -6]
She looks like a mix of Joy and IU in that last pic, pretty
3. [+72, -2]
Too pretty

4. [+45, -2]

Huh? She’s pretty though. If she wasn’t Chinese, she’d be super popular
5. [+35, -4]
Shim So
6. [+33, -2]
Shim Sojung is freaking pretty
7. [+31, -2]
She’s a mix of Lovelyz Mijoo and IU

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