One of the members from GLG’s H1-KEY called Sitala
Her dad was involved in Thailand’s coup d’état dictatorship
If you look at the quote tweets from the tweet, the Thai people are going crazy
Even the mentions and replies talking about it were getting erased at that time
“My profile
Name: Sitala
Nationality: Thai
Height: 173
Life motto: Everything is possible if you work hard, stay humble, be kind
Charming point: Cheerful personality, lovely smile
Nickname: Sadalla, Meong-tala
My role model: our dad, my papa
My hobbies: movies/music, taking pictures with a film camera
Superpower I want to possess: stopping time
If you could take one thing to a deserted island: soondae
The moment when you felt the most proud of yourself: when someone is happy because of me
Someday: I want to have a collab with Taylor Swift sunbae-nim”
Meanwhile her role model is her father
original post: here
1. Ebaㅋㅋ At the minimum, she’s a definite no for Korea
2. But looking at her Insta, it seems like her dad passed away last year
3. But looking at her company, it seems like her group will just fail quietly…
4. Honestly speaking, her dad’s sins aren’t her sins but calling her dad a role model is just sh*tty
5. It’s not right to pass down one’s sins to their lower generations but it’s true that we should skip her given her dad being her role model
6. So did her dad participate in the coup d’état or did he just support it?
7. Are they crazy for debuting a daughter of a dictator in our country? Our country being a victim of dictatorship?
8. Let’s use Koreans instead
9. I already hate her..
10. Seeing how they are shielding Snowdrop makes me mad f*ck, this is so annoying.. so they only care about their own history?

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