Right now, there must be a lot of male idols planning to appear on Street Man Fighter… No one has been confirmed as a cast yet, but they’re in the middle of casting people. I’m scared that my bias would get ridiculed, so I rather him not appear at all.. That’s why I’m getting f*cking worried right now. I already picture people talking about my bias being on Street Man Fighter and I’m preparing my heart for it

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1. [+291, -2]
Wow you really think they would go…? Even for people who are already good dancers like Chaeyeon, they went for nothing. I don’t think any idol can compare with dancers
2. [+127, -3]
Personally, I feel like any idol would only get sworn at if they appear and they’ll only get hurtㅠㅠ  There are lots of people who are experienced in the street style, of course idols who have to practice in singing and dancing won’t be able to compare… Their mental will be shattered during battles
3. [+125, -18]
If Lee Taeyong appears, it would be legendary
4. [+75, -13]
Shotaro in his former dancer years appeared, he should be fine
5. [+72, -0]
Huh really? I thought everyone would be avoiding it;; Male dancers are more into technique than female dancers, so if you had an idol come out, they’ll definitely get more hated than Lee Chaeyeon
6. [+61, -2]
I feel like Oneus’ Hwang Woong-ssi could do it..
7. [+59, -0]
Lee Chaeyeon didn’t go because she personally wanted to go. She even said that she refused several times. I bet it’ll be the same for male idols where they’ll be forced to go no?
8. [+46, -8]
What about Noh Taehyun..? He was so good at krumping during Produce, I still remember it
9. [+42, -5]
It’ll be interesting to see Shotaro appear
10. [+34, -10]
I hope Shotaro appears.. I’m seriously curious about him

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