“The most dangerous woman around your boyfriend (kids, let’s choose)

“A. An ex-girlfriend who truly loved your boyfriend, they almost got along on everything during their long-term relationship so she still has a lingering feeling about your boyfriend.
=> She would sometimes get drunk and call your boyfriend even now
B. A fox-like female friend with average looks but she has a lot of aegyo and who’s been friends with your boyfriend for over 10 years
=> Like your boyfriend says, he views her like a man and she just always had a lot of male friends. But she’s charming even for a fellow woman and she also acts like a fox
C. A pretty and popular woman who is interested in your boyfriend
=> She doesn’t seem to be your boyfriend’s type but she’s really pretty and cute so if you were a man, you would accept her
D. A woman that your boyfriend liked before and who’s a young and rich friend who lives in his district although she never liked him
=> Your boyfriend would even pick her up sometimes if he sees her in his district”
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1. As soon as I read it, it was C for me
2. C and D are dangerousㅋㅋ Once D develops a bit of interest, it’s over
3. DBCA, in that order but B and C are in the same rank for me
4. D is the most dangerous
5. He liked her once??? That’s a wall
6. Straight up C. I’ve almost never seen a man reject a pretty girl who was interested in themㅋㅋ The chance that an accident happens impulsively is way too high
7. I hate them all, I f*cking do
8. Straight up B
9. A and B sucks but C and D are dangerous
10. BBBB for C and D, I feel like one side can still keep its distance but for B, the filter is already gone so you can’t escape her. It’s a situation that can’t be explained to the boyfriend and the female friend
11. All of them. It’s not about taking caution about the woman. You can’t forget that your boyfriend is a man afterwall
12. D is the most dangerous, the rest is just annoying

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