(T/N: I think that anyone that spoils Singles Inferno’s finale will have their post taken down since there were some posts discussing about the final lineup on TheQoo that were deleted – the below posts have mild spoilers)
I cannot talk about spoilers but the final episode was so unexpected
Also, I feel like the new participants joined the show way too late ㅠㅠ
I’m also surprised that the final couple that was revealed a few days ago turned out to be the real final couple

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1. [+497, -3]
Jia kept saying “if only oppa came in earlier~ if only we could go back in time and that we were together from the start…” The one she’s attracted to was Hyunseung but I feel like she was too attached to Hyunjoong. I just felt like it was a shame until the end
2. [+495, -11]
If Choi Shihun went for Jia, he should’ve just done that. Why did he keep thanking Sumin? Seriously have you guys seen Sumin’s expression depleting? Why did he keep thanking her?
3. [+436, -8]
I originally wished that Sehoon and Jiyeon would never happen at first but after seeing the last episode, I really liked them together… They were freaking fun. Also f*ck, Jia ha.. why him.. why……
4. [+370, -4]
Hyunjoong framed himself as this big doggy. It was terrible to the point of being impressive
5. [+358, -1]
In the end, none of the newcomers got anything out of it… If it was gonna turn out like that, why even invite them?.. Should’ve made them come earlier
6. [+343, -1]
When Jintaek was like “touch my hair”ㅜ I thought that he meant his chest hair and freaked out
7. [+323, -4]
When Hyunjoong calls Jia in front of the tent, he just goes “Jia”, but when Hyunseung does it, he says “Jia, should we talk?”. I like how he’s asking for Jia’s opinion ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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Didn’t the newcomers only joined for 3 days? That’s f*cking short, f*ck
She’s also taller than I thought. She’s so tall and her body is totally good? Why did I only learn about this now?

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1. [+261, -9]

Wow I was seriously shocked when I saw her body… She’s wearing a rash guard with 0 exposure but she stands out the most.. Her hips are daebak… She looks like a foreigner. Also, when she was riding on Jintaek hyung’s back, her legs were so long which surprised me again
2. [+195, -8]
Wow amazing.. She looks like a mannequin by herself. As expected, you need to be tall..
3. [+143, -1]
Her legs look long even when she wears dresses. Her proportions look really good..
4. [+100, -102]
The one on the far left is Freezia..? I’m a bit turned off
5. [+91, 0]
Wow I knew that she was tall but she always wears girly dresses everyday so I didn’t know that her body was this good
6. [+88, 0]
What a waste for Shin Jiyeon… she should’ve went on Heart Signal..

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