She’s trying to cancel her mother which is ridiculous
This is the post that the Instagram exposer wrote. She claims that the ‘additional victim’ said that when Soojin’s mother was summoned at her school’s bullying committee, her mother said “I thought that you were gonna praise our daughter for being so pretty~”. That Instagram exposer didn’t even provide any proof and is referring to the person who DM’ed her as the ‘additional victim’ and is gaining sympathy from hundreds of people. (T/N: OP didn’t really provide any context but the ‘Instagram exposer’ is the original accuser who exposed Soojin. She received a DM from an alleged “additional victim” who shared the story about Soojin’s mother. Correct us if we’re wrong though)

“5. About the DMs and school violence committee meetings that were mentioned as evidence

 It is true that my mother was called to the school once for a school violence committee meeting. But I was called to that school violence meeting for something that had nothing to do with me. I remember my mother coming out of the conference room in tears. She has never been brazen in her speech or her manners. The teacher later held private counsels with my classmates and it was revealed that I had not committed any wrongdoing.
– You say that I had admitted to being called before a school violence committee?
Just as I said above, that school violence committee was for a case in which it was revealed that I had been falsely accused. I was framed for things that I didn’t do and my mother was called in by the school. So can it really be said that I admitted to facing a school violence committee?
– At our face-to-face meeting, I spoke with B about the school violence committee. The committee was not held in public, so I explained the situation to her in detail. There was no reply, and after a long period of silence, she said that she didn’t know anything about my mother. She had posted about something she didn’t know the details of and even dragged my family into it.
– Even after I clearly explained to B that I had not been found guilty as the perpetrator during the school violence committee, whose meetings were held in private, she took out almost everything that I had said and posted only that I had admitted to facing a school violence committee.
– Even though there was a recording, even though she had said in an interview with a reporter that I had not admitted to anything during our face-to-face meeting, she went and spread the idea that I had admitted to facing a school violence committee several days later.” – CR: Soompi
This is what Soojin said in her last statement. The school violence committee summoned her because of an incident completely unrelated to Soojin. She also said that it wasn’t because of something she did. She said that her mother came in tears.
When they had their face-to-face meeting, they said that they “didn’t know anything about (Soojin’s) mother”
Also, for the juice incident in the first expose post… According to the Instagram exposer, Soojin forced her dongsaeng to buy a juice for 3,500 won and called her dongsaeng to curse at them. Of course, that’s only from the victim’s point of view but Soojin said that her friend kept breaking the promise with her and was angry and cursed at her.
When Soojin was almost labeled as a school violence assailant, the exposer went on Insta live and said “where are you (Soojin), I’m currently taking the taxi to come and k*ll you”. Also, actually, after that happened, she met with Soojin in school and apologized.  At that time, Soojin was only 14 y.o and the exposer was a 20 y.o adult. In her expose post, she didn’t mention about threatening Soojin and apologizing to her but only said that “Soojin cursed at (her) dongsaeng”.
I’m sure there are kids who are curious about the actual Insta live. That exposer said that she will sue anyone who reveals the Insta live recordingㅋㅋ If you look up ‘Soojin Insta live’ on Pann, there are countless posts of people who watched the Insta live talking about it.
Anyways, I don’t understand people who mocked Soojin for ‘not remembering’ things that happened 10 years ago while letting slide the exposer for ‘not remembering’ when talking about the rumors she made about Soojin’s mother. I also don’t understand how they can refer to that person as an ‘additional victim’ without any proof. It is said that Soojin’s mother suffered a tremendous amount of personal attacks, her younger sister was doxxed, and the entire family moved away from their hometown where they lived in for more than 10 years.
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At the beginning, people were taking everything the accuser said as truth from Soojin robbing people’s money, riding motorcycles, forcing others to get hit to getting summoned at the school violence committee. But once you remove the fake and exaggerated parts, it came down to cursing and fighting among friends and bouncing to other cliques. For the underaged smoking, she could’ve just reflected for a few months and return to her activities. It wasn’t worth getting canceled because of it. There are countless of idols who smoked and drank during their school years and who are promoting just fine
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The conclusion never came out so unless you’re a party involved, you will never know what happened. Just seeing how the accuser tried to make people take her side and appeal to the public made me dislike her. Why is she gaslighting people while turning the fans into crazy b*tches? She’s all confident because she’s anonymous. She said that she didn’t want her to withdraw and will acknowledge her if she apologized but it was all BS. It’s also hilarious how she went on Nate Pann because people were questioning her inconsistencies. What’s worse is that the dongsaeng who is the actual victim is hiding while the unnie is out there talking. This is the most incomprehensible case of all the school violence cases I’ve seen so far.
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Exposer: Ah I don’t know, I’m a victim~ I’m a victim, so anything I do is fine~ (and all the comments supporting her are using the same logic)
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Characteristic of kids who are saying that they are tired of these posts: they were the ones who had the most fun when they were cursing Soojin
5. [+71, -8]
This is the thing that surprised me the post in this controversy. That self-proclaimed victim of Seo Soojin’s school violence is now a 25 y.o woman, with 4 limbs, with a clear conscience and who is an office worker. But the one exposing everything was her unnie who never attended school with Soojin. What’s worse is that all the media interview were also given by the unnie.

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