She used to look like Choi Yoojung
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1. [+57, -19]
She had her bare face during her Izone promotions and she didn’t look that different from her Idol School days

2. [+52, -9]

Just try to hate on her. On her YT videos, people are praising Jo Yuri saying that she’s pretty and good at singing.. Also, if you look at her bare face, you’ll see that it didn’t change that much
3. [+40, 35]
Her bare face looks the same as the Idol School finale

4. [+26, 0]

I became a fan of hers after listening to her cover to John Lennon’s Imagine… A singer only needs to be good at singing
5. [+25, -5]
She didn’t do her double eyelids, those are double eyelids tapes. This was during Panorama’s recording

6. [+18, -2]

Pann-girl-yah, you’re back at it again ㅠㅠ you too should go get surgery and debut~

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