“I’m getting a freaking reality slap.

I was worried about her seeing all the comments on Vlive calling her ugly, but right now she’s laughing from earning money from some oppas (t/n: not sure what the 5th rank A cup expression means)..
She’s wearing those revealing clothes saying stuff like “so what?” and even laughing at smoking jokes
If you pay her only 30,000won, she will dance Zero Two’s dance for you, just why?
Would she do this if she was in a showcase or a fansign?ㅠㅠ F*ck… I wasted my f*cking time I’m losing my mind.
I paid 20,000won for a BJ cam girl’s photocard.. Imagine having the photocard of a Pandalive BJ in your wallet during your f*cking innocent highschool years…
She didn’t even write 10 times in her official fan cafe for the 5 years she was promoting, was I asking for too much?ㅜ
Please tell me you’re just practicing computer literacy or you’re preparing civil service exams.
I’m so so embarrassed that I can’t do this anymore
No matter if you’ve tried 4 or 5 times, go to university.
I’m regretting following you for 7 years just for you to become a BJ”
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1. I can understand the fan’s heartㅜㅜㅜㅜ
2. People who think that Twitch and AfricaTV are the same as this seriously don’t know the differenceㅇㅇ
3. We’re not talking about AfricaTV or Twitch here, Pandalive is seriously about cam girls… I can understand the fan’s feelings…ㅠ
4. What’s even more of a reality slap for the fan is that this idol has been put on hiatus for a long time because she wasn’t confident enough about her looks and she eventually withdrew just to turn out being a cam girl…. I can only imagine the reality slap… I can understand she has her reasons, but this is just a bad outcome of her ordeal that I’d be worried too..
5. I can understand. She’s still young, she could’ve put a bit more effort and her doors of opportunities could’ve remained opened, but she decided to become a cam girl…
6. If my bias turned out like that… Wow my reality slap will be hardㅜㅜ
7. This will give me a f*cking slap in the face… I rather them withdrawing because of their wedding
8. Wow she’s a 00’er, so she could’ve still graduated university before 30 years old even if she failed the test 3 times no?? She’s seriously young..
9. She’s only doing this for money obviously… From her perspective, it may be something rational to do, but from the fan’s perspective it’s a mess…
10. Wow just thinking about this happening to my bias is driving me crazy. She’s still in her early 20s. Her opportunities are still wide open..

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