She fell and injured her knee and she was bleeding but she was still smiling, greeting the fans and performed… Seriously, she’s a genius god-baby idol… Please stop hating on Jang Wonyoung

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1. [+146, -4]
She saw that she was injured and performed right away ㅜ
2. [+87, -1]
Look at her hand smeared with blood, she seriously injured herself severely…
3. [+86, -7]
This was taken today and her eyes were seriously freaking pretty… why is she always wearing lenses?ㅠㅠ Her bare eyes are 100-1000x prettier… I hope that if she does wear lenses, she wear smaller and more natural ones. Please, leave out the lenses…
4. [+43, -2]
Seriously, the forced hate on Jang Wonyoung is crazy; Even in a post worrying about her injury, there are downvotes and people mocking herㅋㅋ why are you guys downvoting this?
5. [+37, -1]
Hul I hope she doesn’t get scars on her legs..ㅠㅠ this breaks my heart ㅠ
6. [+31, 0]
Seems like she hurt herself more than I thought, you could hear her say “agh!”.. It must’ve hurt, I hope she gets better soon ㅠㅠ

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