[teens stories] HIGH SCHOOLER + NO MONEY + PREGNANTㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“High School Mom Dad

Every week Sunday night at 9:20
“I have no money and can’t buy furniture
3rd year high school student mom who is 34 weeks pregnant
Real home”
This is seriously disgusting;;
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1. [+150, -3]
I’m a guy but I never understand what they are trying to do with programs like these.. do they want us to applaud them for taking responsibilities even if they are high schoolers.. or are they trying to ask us for financial support… or are they telling us that pregnancy can be this beautiful so they want us to get pregnant too… what’s the purpose of this show? What are we supposed to get from this? I’m in my 20’s and I don’t have any opinion about this but I wonder what teens feel about this
2. [+96, -1]
They don’t have money so why are they getting pregnant? Besides, they are all minors. This is seriously crazy
3. [+57, -1]
It’s a program that has 2 sides. In one way, teenage pregnancy and childbirth are social problems that can no longer be hidden, so it helps bringing this issue to light so we can think about it together. On the other hand, it’s also a program that will make people find to no end because this family composition isn’t what’s accepted in our country. I don’t know what’s right so I’m also not sure about this
4. [+30, 0]
I just find them f*cking pathetic and the kid is freaking pitiful
5. [+25, 0]
Even while being pregnantㅋㅋ she’s eating food on the floor without a table… seriously hopeless….
6. [+23, 0]
Even with money, they shouldn’t be getting pregnant… this is seriously crazy

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