Why is she receiving more hate? I’ve liked Wonyoung ever since Produce and during her Izone days, people were not after her throat like they are now. After IVE debuted, there are so many comments that seem like they want her d*ath. It’s just that these people don’t have a knife. As a fan, every time I see it, my heart breaks. She’s not even 19 so it makes me wonder what are these people doing? Shouldn’t they get in their right minds if they are writing comments like these?…
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She’s the frontline tanker among female idols. To be honest, it’s not something that you can endure with a human mentality
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Why would they hate her if she’s just doing better now? When she was in Izone, she was only doing her group stuffs but once they disbanded, she opened her Insta, became the model for Innisfree, Miu Miu, Kirsh, became the MC for Music Bank and award ceremonies, is appearing on variety shows, is receiving gifts from luxury brands and her individual activities have grown so much.. also, IVE hit daebak no?… They won 13 times on music shows and stayed in the top 10 digital chart for 3 months
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It’s because she’s doing better and better and broke the failing stereotype of all other Produce groupsㅋㅋ Usually, the more an idol does well, the more they get hated so looking at it like this, it’s an inevitable situation
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“Wonyoung’s hate pattern
Breathes. She’s arrogantly breathing carelessly
Stops breathing. Who is she looking down on right now? Why is she not breathing?
Drinks water. She’s arrogantly drinking water carelessly
Doesn’t drink water. Who is she looking down on right now? Why isn’t she drinking?”
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It’s because she’s doing better now that they disbanded than when she was in Izone. she has multiple CFs and became a Miu Miu girl. Also, they are offended at the fact that no matter how hard they want her to fail, IVE are doing well

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