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1. [+88, -3]
No but she touched way too much
2. [+55, -2]
No but why did they do such countrified procedures on her;;
3. [+44, 0]
But isn’t this 5:5 hairstyle the worst for long faces
4. [+29, -1
Their company has always been retouching their kids‘ faces uselessly. They always make them do plastic surgery that get negative reactionsㅋㅋ.. the kids were all pleasantly simple and were pretty and handsome in their own unique ways. Instead of wasting their time and money on catching the f*ckers who are judging the kids’ looks and buying expensive meats for them, they use it to fix their kids’ faces
5. [+26, 0]
?? What the?
6. [+24, -2]
No but she looked fine in Hmph! in CHOCOME but why did they do this so suddenly…?? What’s happening? She f*cking reminds me of Ao Oni (T/N: a game character)

7. [+19, -1]

She was the prettiest here..

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