I think they’re actually getting married? But rather than looking at her appearance, my oppa looks more at her skills and her personality

Yesterday, his girlfriend came to our house to greet my mom but my mom said she was upset. She said that since my oppa is 1m80, he should at least date someone in the mid 1m60 to have a good “picture” together. She said that his girlfriend is only 1m50, has a huge face and is uglyㅠㅠ So I told my mom “Mom, if my boyfriend’s mom said the same about me, how would you feel?” but she kept on being stubborn saying “But you’re tall, your face is common so you look fine, and you can’t relate to a parent’s position”ㅜㅜ
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1. As someone in the 1m50s… I get so upset with this kid of posts but I also wonder what can I do anyways damn… Actually, me too, I used to get nervous that my in-laws would hate me because of my heightㅠㅠ
2. It’s fine as long as your mom didn’t say that to her face..
Of course family can discuss about things like that between them
3. As long as your oppa doesn’t make it obvious in front of his girlfriend, they shouldbe fine.. Of course regarding specs and visuals and whatnot, you will be subject to the in-laws critics. Of course, your mom’s words are a bit too direct, but I feel like she’s entitled to think like that
4. Ah I’m 1m50 and seeing some of the comments here hurts me even more, alright, I’ll just live my life alone ^^
5. Looks like I won’t be able to be married either.. My height is straight up 1m50ㅠ
6. Elderly people are especially harsh with their judgment on appearance
7. Of course as a parent, they want the best for their kids and they will try everything to find flaws in the person they’re presenting, just let it go in one ear and out the other. I bet if he brings in a tall and pretty girl, she’ll find fault in her skills and personality, etc.. Nobody will be perfect for her.. just keep it to yourself..
8. I’m not saying that what she’s doing is right.. But I can understand her. She’s your mom and unlike your oppa, she knows nothing about her aside from her appearance so she has nothing to nitpick on aside from her appearance..
9. Of course from the parent’s perspective, she probably wants someone as good-looking as your oppa… Although we don’t know much about your oppa’s specs
10. People who are older tend to talk like this anyways..

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