“Is calling someone pretty judging their face?

I said “wow~ how can someone be so pretty and beautiful~ ^^” and the people who were listening to me told me to not judge others’ looks.
They shamed and embarrassed me for complimenting someone so I was taken aback.
We have expressions like “beautiful, pretty or handsome” so do I have to restrain myself?
I would tell handsome guys “you’re pretty handsome” and the people who hear it actually are happy about it.
So can we not compliment people by calling them pretty or beautiful anymore?
Is commending students who are good at studying also judging them? And what about telling people who are good at exercising that they are good at sports? Is saying to someone that they look good because they are tall judging them? I want to tell pretty people that they are good-looking and pretty.
It’s frustrating that you can’t even talk about good facts as is.
Is saying “you have nice skin~” a compliment that’s considered a judgement? Please share your diverse thoughts~~
> I’ve honestly never seen people who consider calling someone pretty “judging someone’s looks” outside my phone ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those are phone mannersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ In reality, everyone who hear someone call them pretty would have their mouths torn (T/N: from smiling?)ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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1. Whether it makes you feel good or not, it’s true that it’s a judgement
2. Actually, there are way more ambiguous situations in real life. It’s true that it’s a judgement. So since we aren’t sure and have to wait and see, I personally would not compliment someone about something they are born with on the first encounter.
3. When I started living overseas, I would call foreign kids “you’re so pretty” a lot and every time I did that, they would smile but would give me the feeling of “why are you saying this…?” a lot.  As I lived longer overseas, I started to think that this is also considered manners. When I came back to Korea and heard those compliments, my reactions also became the same as the foreigners. Humans are not like flowers or landscapes
4. What kind of BS is this…
5. I can listen to being called pretty again and again and still be happy~
6. It’s true that it’s judging someone’s looks… Someone said that I looked like someone pretty and it made me upset
7. It’s a positive judgement. But ultimately, it’s true that it’s judging someone’s looks
8. I like it thoughㅜㅜ thank you
9. I don’t think that calling someone pretty, beautiful, cute or lovely considered judgement. This is just my feeling towards someone. If I were to compare them with someone else, then that’s considered judging
10. I also say that a lot but it’s true that it’s judging others…
11. When you call someone pretty, they are pretty for the moment but it will become a drug to the person receiving the compliment. It’s not a good compliment so let’s just restrain ourselves!
12. But when I was in the US, a lot of people called me cute or young-looking and I never thought that they were being rude. I still don’t really know what’s the standard
13. When someone calls me pretty, I kinda feel upset because it’s like I am starting to get drunk on my own egoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
14. Yup, it’s judging others’ looks

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