The more I listen to their song, the better it gets… I like that it has a spring vibe… I was getting tired of girl crush concepts so I like this

I’ve heard all sorts of things but as expected, a bad song is a bad song
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1. [+157, -77]
Their CEO has no sense. Dun Dun Dance also wasn’t that good but this one is even worse so of course they would fail. There are more rookie girl groups now so do they really think that a song like this will give them attention? Even Red Velvet is being ousted by Aespa… it’s not because their song is ranked high that they didn’t failㅋ the song just has no presence at allㅋ
2. [122, -9]
To be honest, this was their worst song yet. All their songs before were bops
3. [+85, -47]
Why are people dragging Twice? Your fans should know the level well enough
“What are you…saying?”
4. [+75, -9]
For real, only their fans are gnashing their teeth pretending that everything is ok, pretending that they are just trying out something new and making up their own stories but this is just sad. This is a full album too… I bet that the fans are even more upset
5. [+66, -2]
For real, this is frustrating. I think that they would hit bigger with The Fifth Season than this
6. [+60, 0]
I thought that Coloring Book would be their worst release to date but I changed my mind with this one… the song is boring and the MV reminds me of Non-stop so nothing feels new

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