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But the issue here is not that he’s smoking but why are his clothes like that?
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That guy on the right is the celebrity right?
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He’s 28 and it’s not like he’s doing drugs. It’s just a normal cigarette. If you go to an university campus, you’ll see smokers scattered every where so you’re saying that this is controversial?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ don’t feed the trolls
4. [+297, -10]
There’s nothing controversial here aside from his clothes
5. [+242, -17]
?? Isn’t V in his late 20’s?? Why is smoking an issue..? It’s not like he was smoking as a minor and not like he was smoking in a non-smoker place. You guys are making a fuss over everything. The fact that this was taken in secret is even more so-so;
6. [+186, -6]
Ah he would’ve been sexier if he wore an all-black fitted suit instead. F*ck, why was his picture taken when he was dressed like that? That’s so unfair
7. [+177, -17]
If it’s not to this extent, don’t drag him

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